What is Energy Supply?

Energy Supply Clothing Co. is a streetwear brand that was founded in central New Jersey in 2018, whose goals are to represent those who aspire to create and do something more with themselves. Through our brand, we want to highlight talented individuals whose gifts and abilities are overlooked or doubted because they aren’t popular/well known, people who society has deemed “losers” or “nobodies.” We believe that everybody has their own “energy.” Whatever it may be, it’s your talent or gift that makes you who you are. We believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to share your “energy” with the world. Energy Supply is a brand established by us, a group of those “nobodies,” who want to spark the movement by sharing our own Energy with the world. 


The Team

Ryan Gonzalez - CEO, Co-Founder, Creative Director

Dylan Oswick - CFO, Co-Founder

Wade Edwin - COO, Co-Founder

Carlos Zeno - Director of Marketing

Chris Moren - Director of Communications & Brand Relations

Mark Lillis - Assistant Creative Director